Precise and accurate track marking.

Satisfies all IAAF requirements

Meets all requirements as laid out by the International Association of Athletics Federations for track marking.

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About Radius Point

Precision and accuracy during the construction of an athletics track are critical to ensuring that the event markings comply with the strict tolerances specified by the IAAF.

Permanent Radius Point provides a permanent solution that saves time, improves accuracy and removes margin for error during track construction.

Precision Accuracy

Provides pin point accuracy, leaving nothing to chance. Fully approved by the IAAF. Compatible with surveying equipment.


Set on a mass concrete base, the unit has frost and corrosion resistance.

Permanent Solution

Permanently housed beneath the ground in your arena for repeat use.

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40mm diameter

40mm tube providing a permanent housing for the measurement rod after use.

300mm height above foundation

The additional height above finished ground level enables the fixing of surveyor’s tape and its operation.

200mm storage depth below playing surface

Sufficient to protect against damage from hammer, discus and javelin impacts below ground level.

Active installations in large and small arenas.

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Sutcliffe Park Athletics Track

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